Waymo has launched the first public trial of its self-driving cars, in Phoenix, AZ. The pilot seeks local participants who will ride in Waymo’s cars and provide feedback on the experience. Watch a video about the pilot.

Pilot findings will help Waymo, formerly Google self-driving cars, realize the potential of this technology to make it safer and easier for everyone to get around. The technology is especially beneficial for the more than 16 million​ people with disabilities, including those with hidden and developmental disabilities, who are unable to drive.

Waymo is building on software and sensor technology developed in Google’s labs since 2009, along with millions of miles of real-world experience and billions of miles of simulated driving. Over the last eight years, Waymo has been focused on refining its self-driving technology, including teaching its cars advanced driving skills and improving the performance of its software.

Over the course of the trial, Waymo will be accepting hundreds of people with diverse backgrounds and transportation needs. The program will enable riders to use Waymo’s fleet of self-driving cars every day, at any time, as their primary or secondary vehicle.

Waymo hopes to gather feedback on things like how people want to communicate with self-driving vehicles, what’s it like for a person to ride as a passenger rather than as a driver, and how people want to use a self-driving car (for personal car use, public transportation, ride-hailing, carsharing, and more). Waymo is also adding another 500 self-driving Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans to its fleet, a six-fold increase.

Anyone in the Phoenix area can be part of Waymo’s early rider program. Residents can check their eligibility and apply at waymo.com/apply.