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  1. 2018 CLA Senior Living Trends White Paper Finds Opportunities in Disruptors

    These service providers view their position in the marketplace and the needs for their services as static and dependable and, as a result, underestimate the potential for disruption from those seeking to displace them. In response to this risk of disruption, we are asking senior living organizations this simple question: What ...

  2. Quality Care Area Assessments Lead to Better Outcomes through Care Planning

    Chapter 4 of the RAI Manual is one of the least read and most important for quality outcomes. It is an in-depth discussion of the CMS expectations for care planning in long-term care, and it contains excellent training and examples of how to conduct a thorough assessment to come to the correct care plan problem. If the problem ...

  3. Tax Reform Implications for Nonprofit Providers

    The TCJA affects nonprofits both operationally and in their fundraising strategies. We identify some of the issues below, but as we await guidance from the IRS we urge members to speak to their accountants and financial consultants to explore how these changes will specifically affect their communities. Operational ...

  4. 694 Ways to Improve Services and Supports for People with Dementia

    Recommendations from a recent federally supported summit could guide future research investments in the field of care, services, and supports for people living with dementia. They could also impact the work of LeadingAge members, says Kirsten Jacobs.

  5. What Are Consumers Saying About You on Yelp?

    Online reviews can have a powerful impact on how consumers view your organization. That’s why you can’t afford to ignore them, says Steve Maag, director of residential communities at LeadingAge.