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  1. A Simple Fix for Low Occupancy

    Life plan communities need to get busy growing the supply of senior housing and finding new ways to attract younger residents to that housing, writes Steve Maag, director of residential communities at LeadingAge.

  2. Nursing Homes - It's time to get ready for the Requirements of Participation, Phase 3, (RoPS)

    LeadingAge is working on a menu of education, resources, and tools to prepare for RoPs, Phase 3. Phase 3 of the RoPs will be implemented in November of 2019. LeadingAge is committed to helping our members understand and prepare for the new regulations. We will be collaborating with partners and organizations ...

  3. Alzheimer's Disease Research: Help Recruit Volunteers

    The NIA points to progress achieved so far in developing new ways to diagnose, treat, and potentially prevent Alzheimer's disease. This progress is due to the thousands of individuals who have volunteered to participate in clinical trials and other studies. According to the NIA, more than150 clinical trials ...

  4. HUD Names New Assistant Secretary for Housing, and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing

    Montgomery was confirmed by a vote in the Senate of 74 to 23. This will be Montgomery's second time to serve as FHA commissioner having held this position in two previous administrations. He served in this position ...

  5. New RAD Notices Implement FY 18 Provisions and Supplement RAD Notice Rev 3          

    Though the bulk of the notices and webcast presentation focus on Streamlined RAD Conversion for Small PHAs, there are certain details relevant to the RAD 2 (rent supp/RAP) segments as well. These notices are: