Today’s leaders in long-term care and senior housing face the same challenge as those in other businesses on a global basis. It is incumbent on leadership, whether for profit or non-profit, to create a clear vision for success and convert that vision into a focused, competitive direction for current operations.

No matter what other longer-term plans may be adopted, a highly-disciplined approach to operations is the foundation for those organizations hoping to seize emerging opportunities and seek a position of market leadership. Trying to navigate all of the changes can be an insurmountable task, requiring leaders to streamline their approach to change and system revision.

Pathway Health has designed a resource called – QuickPATH © – for today’s busy and ever changing regulatory environment. The QuickPATH © is a streamlined tool to serve as a starting point for facility leaders to quickly assess their current practices, policies, procedures, and processes around this specific targeted area and create implementation strategies for success.

The QuickPATH © resource was written based on the most recent federal regulatory requirements/standards of practice and includes: