The Staff Competency Toolkit©

As stated throughout the Requirements of Participation, facilities must provide sufficient and competent staff to meet the needs of residents. The Staff Competency Toolkit© is intended to provide operational and clinical leaders with helpful staff competency implementation guidelines, training plans, templates, resources, and tools.

Section 1

  1. Overview, Instructions and Resources
  2. Training Plan
  3. Training Powerpoint
  4. Individual KSA Competency Areas (Section 1A)

Section 2

  1. Abuse and Neglect KSA Competency
  2. Accident Incident KSA Competency
  3. Basic Nursing Skills KSA Competency
  4. Behavioral Health KSA Competency
  5. Caring for the Resident Environment KSA Competency
  6. Change of Condition KSA Competency
  7. Communication KSA Competency
  8. Cultural Competence KSA Competency
  9. Dementia Care KSA Competency
  10. Dialysis KSA Competency
  11. Diet – Texture KSA Competency
  12. Food and Nutrition Cultural Competence KSA Competency
  13. Food and Nutrition Dining Assistance and Equipment KSA Competency
  14. Hospice Integration KSA Competency
  15. Infection Control – Infection Preventionist KSA Competency
  16. Medication Management KSA Competency
  17. Pain Management KSA Competency
  18. Person-Centered Care KSA Competency
  19. Physical Assessment and Evaluation KSA Competency
  20. Resident Rights KSA Competency
  21. Respiratory Care – Airway Trach Management KSA Competency
  22. Restorative Nursing KSA Competency
  23. Skin and Wound Care KSA Competency
  24. Specialized Rehabilitation KSA Competency
  25. Transitions of Care KSA Competency