2018 Action Learning Projects

Witness the passion, desired impact and key learnings of the 2018 Fellow's Action Learning Projects.

Brett Asay, Friendship Haven: Funding Future Generations: Vision 20/50

Ryan Beardsley, Acts Retirement-Life Communities: Corporate Empathy: Walk in their Shoes

Amanda Borer, Charles House Association: Creating Community Solutions for the Eldercare Workforce

Robbie Boyd, Birch Hill: Independence and Connection with Smart Devices

Simi Brady, Asbury Communities: Stop Ageism - Teach Our Children Respect

Eileen Cain, Brewster Place: Reframing, Constructing; Community Wellness Center

Fran Casey, Goodwin House Inc.: Endless Opportunities

Linda Couch, LeadingAge: A Resting Bench

Laura Edwards, Clark-Lindsey: Technology: The Connection to Meaningful Life

Liz Fandel, Fellowship Senior Living: Connected Living at Home

Laura Farrell, Trinity Community: Employee Empowerment: Addressing Staffing Challenges

Kim Henderson, McGregor Foundation: Building a Healthier Workplace

Samantha Hogg, Mercy Housing: Don't Stop at, "Are you Okay?" 

Jeff Hongslo, American Baptist Homes of the Midwest: Gray is the New Green: Community Recycling

Joshua Howard, Maple Knoll Communities: Backslide or Reform: Starting with Home

Anne Kenny, LiveWell (formerly Alzheimer's Resource Center): Defining Your Finish: Paced Journaled Discussions

Erin Kolb, Poydras Home: Attracting the Great, Growing the Good

Marie Letellier, Christopher Homes: 90's is the new 60's!!

Elizabeth Martin, Acts Retirement-Life Communities: Homelessness - Are We Being Socially Accountable?

Tiffany Mazyck, St. Margaret's House: Care Companions: Together, We Make the Difference

Pat McBride, Christian Living Communities: The Power of Collective Empathy: Leadership Sleepover

Matt McGowan, Seabury: The Impact of Activity on Isolation

Alyse Meyer, LeadingAge Texas: Aging Services Through a Different Lens

Dena Meyer, Ecumen: Living Better Together...Connectivity Counts

Jordan Morrow, Westminster Village, West Lafayette: Molding Leaders Through Experience and Perspective

Sandra Mundy, The New Jewish Home: Serenity Now: Caring for Our Caregivers

Brian Parks, St. Andrew's Village/Presbyterian Senior Living: Everyday Heroes - Improving Quality and Satisfaction

Ken Sandberg, Whitney Center: Is There Life Care for Middle Income?

Kim Schilling, Western Home Communities: Ease the Guilt: Work/Family Family Balance

Stephanie Schuler, Golden West Communities: Bridging the Gap: Different Roles in Aging Services

Glenn Scott, Episcopal Retirement Services: Person-Centered Perspective: Appreciative Inquiry and Alignment

Kimberly Searcy, United Church Homes and Services: Embracing Memory Care

Nicole Snowberger, Covenant Retirement Communities: Inspired to Lead

Shannon Strickler, LeadingAge Iowa: Connecting the Pieces: The Future of Aging Services

Ana Tagle, Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home: Love Without Barriers: Cultivating Community Inclusivity

Ryan Toerner, Rolling Green Village: Intergenerational Partnerships: Creating Future Leaders 

Elizabeth Tomaszczuk, St. Ann's Community: Creating Change

Aaron Tripp, LeadingAge: LTC: Have You Had the Talk?

Tadd Weese, Saint Simeon's: "Juniors & Seniors": Multiple Birds, One Stone

Kate West, Eaton Senior Communities: Community Centric Development: Empowering Residents

Beth Winn, Deaconess Abundant Life Communities: The Frontline