Affordable Housing

Part of LeadingAge's 2020 Policy Priorities

LeadingAge Advocacy Goals

  • Expand the supply of HUD Section 202 housing for older adults with very low incomes. Ask: $600 million in FY21 for new Section 202 homes.
  • Preserve existing affordable housing.Ask: Amount for full renewal of PRAC and Section 8 PBRA contracts (forthcoming).
  • Ensure all federally-assisted housing provides the service coordination necessary so residents may age in community. Ask: $100 million for Service Coordinator grant renewals in FY21.
  • Expand the number communities that have a Service Coordinator. Ask: $75 million for Service Coordinators in 300 communities currently without them.
  • Prevent and end homelessness among older adults. Ask: Adequate funding for Homeless Assistance Grants.
  • Extend HUD’s Integrated Wellness in Supportive Housing demonstration for two years.
  • Expand and improve the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.Ask: Enact S. 1703, H.R. 3077.
  • Ensure adequate and timely payments to providers of affordable housing.
  • Improve HUD’s inspection protocols for HUD-assisted housing.
  • Ensure RAD for PRAC is set up to succeed.

The Issue

Did you know?

The federal government plays a linchpin role in affordable housing for older adults. Without public subsidy, no entity can build and operate quality housing for older adults with very low incomes, the math simply does not work. Congress must act on the proven role affordable housing has in improving older adults’ health and lowering the nation’s health care costs, significantly expand the supply of affordable housing and preserve existing affordable housing. Providers of federally-assisted housing rely on HUD and Congress for timely rental assistance and service coordinator funding to meet their needs, and uniformly understood and implemented rules and protocols.

Advocacy Action 2020

116th Congress

  • Fiscal Year 2021 HUD Appropriations Bill: We support full funding to increase and provide adequate resources.
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits: We support the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (S. 1703, H.R. 3077) to improve and expand the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.
  • Ending Homelessness: We support the Ending Homelessness Act (H.R. 1856) to authorize resources necessary to prevent and end homelessness.
  • Impact of Affordable Housing: We support the Task Force on the Impact of the Affordable Housing Crisis Act (S. 1772, H.R. 3211) to fully understand the impact of affordable housing.
  • Affordable housing: We support $2.5 billion in the Section 202 program, among other resources.

Executive Branch

  • REAC Assessment: Partner with HUD to ensure new Real Estate Assessment Center inspection protocols accurately and uniformly capture the state of the assisted housing stock.
  • RAD for PRAC: Implement successful expansion of the Rental Assistance Demonstration to Section 202s with Project Rental Assistance Contracts.
  • HOTMA: Finalize 2016’s Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act’s regulations related to streamlining income setting and rent determinations.
  • Fair Housing Act: Support robust Fair Housing Act enforcement.

Actions You Can Take Now

  • Visit the Advocacy Action Center to let your representative and senators know you support the expansion and preservation of affordable housing programs for older adults.
  • Host a Coffee Chat with Congress in your community to help your members of Congress understand how policies impact affordable housing providers and residents.
  • Mobilize with the Advocacy Champions toolkit and let your representatives and senators know you support more opportunities to create and sustain affordable housing.

Additional Resources