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About the Aging Services Workforce Now Campaign

There is no single solution to unprecedented workforce challenges; a wide range of ideas, policies, and solutions are needed to ensure America’s older adults and families can get the care and services they need. LeadingAge’s ongoing federal government advocacy is culminating in this new coordinated advocacy campaign—join us to take action for the aging services workforce–now!

LeadingAge is calling on Congress and the Administration to:

  • Pay aging services professionals a living wage
  • Offer incentives to retain and attract qualified staff
  • Expand training and advancement opportunities
  • Build dependable international pipelines of trained caregivers
  • Enact meaningful, equitable long-term care financing

Take Action

LeadingAge and our members know what can work—and we’re urging policymakers, advocates, and anyone who cares about older Americans to join providers by acting now!

Tools & Resources

LeadingAge is making it easy to get involved in the campaign by providing a growing set of tools and resources for members and advocates.