Annual Meeting Member Video Project

We need your help! We need a short video of your staff and residents for a project for the Annual Meeting Virtual Experience. Take a short video of your staff and residents saying “hi” to fellow LeadingAge and VNAA/Elevating HOME members around the country.

Here are some ideas for your recording:

  • Wave and cheer your hellos
  • Hold up a hand-made sign or your community’s banner
  • Show team pride by wearing matching outfits, funny hats, etc.
  • Play music and dance

Deadline: Sunday, October 25

Length: Not to exceed 1 minute

Recording Guidelines

Are you self-recording? (not to exceed 1 minute)

Filming Devices

You can use basically anything – your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or video-friendly camera. If you are using your laptop, Zoom is great. You can record yourself with a free membership (just sign in and start a meeting and hit “record” button on the lower right of the screen)

Phone / Camera Orientation

If you use your phone or tablet (or camera), please hold your device horizontally (instead of vertically or in portrait mode). Your image should fill the screen.


Your team should be centered in your screen, landscape/widescreen, not vertical


  • Try to find a quiet outdoor area for filming (if the weather permits)
  • Avoid areas with loud background noise (traffic, wind, loud vents, or appliances)
  • Make sure the light is on team member faces


Your filming device’s internal microphone should be fine

Are you professionally recording? (not to exceed 1 minute)

If you will be filmed by a professional studio or film crew, please use these specifications:

  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Apple Pro Res 422 compression codec
  • 1920x1080 pixel size
  • 29.97fps (frames per second)
  • Progressive
  • Audio Output: AAC, 48KHZ, Stereo (L,R)
  • We can also accept 1920x1080 H.264 files if they are compressed  using a high data rate


Please upload your video file to this Dropbox folder:

  • Large files (over 2GB) accepted
  • You do not need a Dropbox account to upload your video file

Deadline: October 18

For technical assistance, contact:

Midge Flinn Yost (

Tina Hoffmann (