LeadingAge Consulting: ATI Advisory

Among the partner in the LeadingAge Consulting program is ATI Advisory, a research and advisory services firm working to transform the delivery of health care and aging services for older adults. They help provider organizations like LeadingAge members to evaluate market opportunities and assess options for developing new partnerships, capabilities, and risk-arrangements.

This partnership will bring education and strategy on healthcare integration, Medicare Advantage, and other value-based care initiatives to members at discounted project fees for members. As members are adapting their vision and organizational models, ATI is an important resource to help guide organizational strategic analysis and planning.

As your organization looks to develop its annual strategy, LeadingAge Consulting and ATI can help your organization articulate and refine its vision and strategy by answering:

  • What is changing in senior care or aging services?
  • What’s possible for your organization to deliver and capture value in integration efforts and partnerships?
  • What are the core aging care capabilities and does your organization excel in these areas?
  • What are other organizations doing successfully and what lessons can be shared by peers who have started this journey?
  • What’s the reimbursement model for new partnerships and opportunities?

This strategic work focuses around helping LeadingAge members:

  • Understand options for sustainability and growth in an increasingly integrated healthcare and services delivery and payment system
  • Identify potential partners and opportunities based on federal and state policy, value-based care initiatives, and payer dynamics
  • Use data on population demographics, healthcare demand, and outcomes to help organizations inform business planning
  • Communicate capabilities and innovative approaches to help capture value in a rapidly changing environment  

Strategic Projects for LeadingAge Members

Following are four customizable consulting offers specifically for LeadingAge members. You can also download an overview of ATI’s key projects for LeadingAge members.

  • Board and executive education on healthcare and integration opportunities to inform your strategic planning
  • Healthcare data analysis and market landscape to identify potential partners for your organization and to inform business development opportunities
  • Options for your organization to participate in risk-based initiatives
  • General support for business development and growth discussions with external partners

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About ATI Advisory

ATI Advisory is a research and advisory services firm working to transform the delivery of healthcare and aging services for older adults. ATI conducts research, generates new ideas, and helps organizations lead and deliver change in senior care.

Founded in 2014 by Anne Tumlinson, ATI Advisory is a team of 10 researchers and business strategists with expertise in long-term care service delivery innovation, post-acute care service delivery innovation, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare and Medicaid integration, and seniors housing and healthcare integration. Team members have worked in both public and private sector positions and bring diverse experiences and perspectives to each new project.

ATI’s focus is to break down public and private sector barriers that prevent innovative solutions to siloed, broken systems across acute, post-acute, and long-term care services and supports. ATI provides insight and strategy backed by original research and delivers practical solutions for organizations and families they serve.

As policymakers shift liability for health and long-term care spending to providers and insurers and local delivery systems work to break down traditional care silos, your organization must work to build new partnerships to help manage the needs of high-cost populations. ATI works to help provider organizations evaluate their market opportunities and assess options for developing new partnerships, capabilities, and risk-arrangements. For more information on ATI’s insights and perspectives, please visit www.atiadvisory.com.  

Get Started with LeadingAge Consulting and ATI Advisory

LeadingAge members can reach out directly to ATI for more information on projects and pricing offered to members. Please email leadingage@atiadvisory.com.

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