CAST Medication Management Selection Tool

Thank you for using the CAST Medication Management Selection Tool. This tool will be most useful after you have read our CAST Medication Management Whitepaper to understand the planning and requirements identification process.

We highly recommend convening a multidisciplinary team to define requirements for your organization’s Medication Management needs.

Once you have defined such requirements, this tool can help you learn which of the reviewed Medication Management products might meet your needs.

Our CAST Medication Management Selection Matrix provides a detailed overview of available products and the functionalities they offer that allows you to drill down on the products shortlisted using this tool.

Please note that the more checkboxes selected, the less results you will receive as the search tool will return products that meet ALL checked criteria. If you receive no or very few results, consider unselecting and excluding less important requirements to broaden the possibilities.

These results are selected to help providers identify potential Medication Management systems based on the functionality you identified and specifications the vendors have provided. CAST has not tested or independently evaluated, and does not endorse, any of these products. We encourage providers to conduct thorough evaluations before selecting a Medication Management system.

To view the detailed functionalities of these, as well as other Medication Management products, please check the full CAST Medication Management Selection Matrix.

Code Corporation

For more than 20 years, Code Corporation has been an industry pioneer, leader, and champion for data capture innovation and has garnered more than 100 patents. By crafting and continuing to perfect its unique decoding algorithms, Code’s image-based scanning and decoding technology consistently delivers unparalleled performance companies around the world depend on every day. Code designs and manufactures a complete line of market-leading hardware and software data capture solutions. Code products are not only valued for providing a consistent level of workflow efficiency year after year, but also for their ergonomic design, durability, ease of customization, and seamless integration. 


CompuMed, Inc. started in 1988 in response to a family need - Grandma wasn't taking her medication properly. Organizers and reminders just weren't enough for her. She would take all her pills for the day before noon, then, after a nap, take the next day's pills. We looked for a product that would lock her medication up and give her just what she needed when she needed it. Such a product did not exist, so we built CompuMed as a labor of love for Grandma. Since then, CompuMed has helped thousands of individuals and families with medication management. Because CompuMed is secure, many have found it helpful in managing medications that are not forgotten, but abused through taking too many.

CuePath Innovation

CuePath Innovation is a healthcare technology company focused on resolving medication non-adherence. Its mission is to bring peace of mind to caregivers by improving the quality of life of patients. CuePath couples its Medication Adherence as a Service (MAaaS) platform with its call center-based remote care services to improve patient adherence. It partners with leading home care agencies and pharmacies to deliver its unique and effective subscription service.

Eldermark Software

Eldermark takes a better approach to senior housing technology: we are nurses, IT professionals, consultants, trainers and customer care experts dedicated to saving facilities time and money while raising the quality of care. Our mission is to learn all we can about healthcare technology and translate that into the best products for our customers. Beyond software, we provide consulting, health IT services, hosting and world-class support.


gEHRiMed was engineered specifically for physicians and clinicians providing direct patient care in the nation’s 16,000 nursing homes. The long term, skilled nursing, nursing, and assisted-living settings are unique and require an EHR that is wholly focused on the workflow of the physician and providers With easy navigation and an intuitive design, our portable, web-based EHR supports the unique workflow of providers caring for patients at multiple long-term care facilities — from patient management and charting, to reporting and billing.

Helix GPS Pharmacy Management System

CareSmart, LLC is a subsidiary of MainPointe Pharmaceuticals, LLC.   We offer standard and develop customized solutions for both Retail & Long Term Care pharmacies but also solutions for Long Term Care facilities, Assisted Living facilities, CCRC’s, Group Homes & Hospitals.


Provider of the industry leading EHR for long-term care and senior living organizations and care setting specific solutions to help long-term care and senior living providers deliver superior care resulting in better outcomes for their residents - and for their bottom line.


MedReady is the leader in timed, electronic, secured medication dispensers and has more than 100,000 devices in service and operating in over 10 countries. MedReady increases medication compliance up to 96.7% by virtually eliminating missed doses and overdosing medication. Our mission is to aid in the adherence of medication regimens, resulting in tremendous cost savings by allowing the user to remain independent longer, virtually eliminating medication accidents and medication related arguments.


MedTablet is a new approach that wirelessly communicates both on WiFi & Cellular networks patient healthcare information, including medication orders, between the pharmacy and any health care facility bi-directionaly.  This allows the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, then transmit the patient information and pharmacy data to the nursing facility.

Netsmart (Formerly HealthMEDX)

The nation’s largest provider of behavioral health EHRs, addiction treatment software, care coordination software and much more. Our solutions and expertise are used by more than 24,000 organizations.

Case Study

O’kase is a portable smart pill case with customizable pill storage and smart reminder for dosing schedule.  It connects to the internet with cellular module, and timely tracks and records dosing behavior.

Ōmcare Home Health Hub

Healthcare is complicated–and the real cost of care goes beyond dollars and cents. 

We aim to simplify the healthcare experience with our easy-to-use Ōmcare Home Health Hub® designed for telehealth and virtual care services.

Phoenix Pharmacy Management System

Mobile MedSoft® is all about bringing you the latest in technology products that puts you light years ahead of your competition. Recognized as one of Microsoft’s most missions’ critical accounts on their Azure cloud platform, Mobile MedSoft is also a Valued Added Reseller for Oracle & Dell products.


Medication Adherenece for the Elderly.  Taking pills has never been so easy with pillboard.


PointClickCare helps healthcare providers meet the challenges of senior care by enabling them to achieve the business results that matter – enriching the lives of their residents, improving financial and operational health, and mitigating risk. Recently recognized as the #1 long-term care software vendor by KLAS Research, PointClickCare’s cloud-based software platform takes a person-centered approach to managing senior care, connecting healthcare providers across the senior care continuum with easy to use, regulatory compliant solutions for improved resident outcomes, enhanced financial performance, and staff optimization. Over 10,000 skilled nursing and senior living facilities use PointClickCare today, making it the North American healthcare IT market leader for the senior care industry.

Case Study
TabSafe Medication Management System

TabSafe is an easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medications yet can accommodate even the most complex schedules. Our medication management system reminds the user, dispenses medications, alerts caregivers before a dose time is missed, and monitors adherence. TabSafe improves medication adherence to over 96%, leading to better health outcomes and avoids preventable costly emergency visits and hospitalizations. The security features and online reporting provide peace-of-mind for users and their caregivers.


WellSky delivers software and services to transform an ever-growing range of care services worldwide. We anticipate the needs of care providers and communities, empowering them with insights and solutions, so both businesses and communities flourish. 

Yardi eMAR

Take paperwork out of medication administration.  Enable senior living providers and pharmacies to work together to ensure effective electronic medication management, reduce risk and improve resident care.


Zemplee is redefining how the elderly are cared for. Improving quality of life by our strategically placed smart-sensors allow for our AI to track daily living activities helping you remotely verify their well being.  Our AI interprets the elderly’s dining habits, medication intake, activity level, sleep patterns, and other important details ensuring they life to the fullest.