CCRC Capital and Financing

Capital is one of the  most critical issues facing CCRCs. Check here often for information on availability of capital and news on recent financings in the field of aging services.

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What are Investment Experts Saying About Your Rates, Workforce, and Revenue Streams?

Assisted living pricing, workforce shortages, and revenue streams were among the hot topics at the fall conference of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care.

Why Are CCRCs Performing So Well?

Rising housing prices, declining mortgage delinquency rates, and favorable investment returns have led to better performance among continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) since 2013, according to a new report from Fitch Ratings.

Does Your Activity Director Deserve a Raise?

Activity directors in continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) received an average salary increase of 2.43% in 2015, according to the 2015-2016 Continuing Care Retirement Community Salary and Benefits Report. Hospital and Healthcare Compensation Service published the study in cooperation with LeadingAge.

ABHOW and A New Kind of Merger for Aging Services

ABHOW, a LeadingAge member in Pleasanton, CA, announced in early July that it is merging with, a LeadingAge member in Glendale. The merger, which should be finalized in early 2016, illustrates a growing -- and positive -- trend in the field of aging services, according to Steve Maag, director of residential services at LeadingAge.

Most Common Mistakes in Financial Budgeting/Forecasting – Part I

In this first article of a three-part series, BKD addresses common mistakes related to complacency in the budgeting process. When preparing your organization’s finances, you should pay special attention to one-time items, incremental and historical budgeting, and the hockey stick effect.


  1. Leverage the Power of State Legislation

    We have long heard the adage, knowledge is power, and its welcome companion, there is strength in numbers. One of the many beauties of your LeadingAge membership is that we can gather together and leverage our collective strength. How can we do that on a state by state level? If the words state legislation tracker ...

  2. Grassroots Corner: Make Advocacy REAL In Your Community

    From the desk where you are reading this, your ability to advocate on the Hill probably feels (many many) miles away. On your behalf, we meet regularly with lawmakers to educate them on the policy issues that affect Life Plan Communities. But, even more powerful than that, is when legislators hear from you and the people we serve. ...

  3. Why It Matters: Medical Tax Deduction

    Here’s some great news for your residents – and your organization. The Senate approved the “Further Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020!” And there’s a little section in there – Division Q (no, not Avenue Q…) that preserves the threshold for Medical Tax Deductions for another two years. What ...

  4. 16th Annual LeadingAge Ziegler 200 Report Now Available

    Lisa Sanders 202-508-9407 Christine McCarty 312-596-1617

  5. Playbook Will Outline a Housing Model for the Middle Market

    After 2 years of study, a cabinet of LeadingAge Virginia members and sponsors is getting ready to release details of a housing model to serve middle-income older adults.