CCRC Programming Ideas

CCRC residents are always looking for the next new thing in their community.  We can help here.  This section has case studies and ideas from CCRCs throughout the country.  Take a look and find what you need to continue to be innovative.

  1. How to Prepare Your Community for End of Life Conversations

    Within a black frame, an older man in sepia tones stands, proudly bare-chested, holding 40-lb. barbells and displaying taunt six-pack abs that would put Brad Pitt to shame. “Growing Old Isn’t for Sissies,” proclaims the poster, which is hung prominently in the Wellness Center of an affluent LPC. Member of LeadingAge? ...

  2. Creating a Culture of Hospitality: How a Listserv Question Led to an Idea Exchange

    An April exchange on the LeadingAge Marketing-PR listserv prompted 50 LeadingAge members to talk offline about how to create a culture of hospitality in life plan communities.

  3. “Right-Sizing” Nursing Care Settings in Life Plan Communities

    A new brief from LeadingAge presents questions that life plan communities should explore when deciding on the “right size” of their nursing home settings.

  4. Is There a Shift Away From Kosher Food in Senior Living?

    Several LeadingAge members offered their views on kosher dining to Tablet magazine.

  5. Do You Need a License to Play Music and Movies?

    In some circumstances, you are obligated to apply for and purchase a license to play music or screen movies in your community.