Celebrate Mother’s Day With LeadingAge

This Mother’s Day approaches, LeadingAge is highlighting the care workers who have become like family, and the critical role they play in the lives of our moms and older adults. Use the materials on this page to join us!

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’re continuing our efforts to provide you with new tools to help you highlight the care workers who have become like family, and the critical role they play in the lives of older adults — especially our moms. This holiday is a great opportunity to communicate about how you’re observing Mother’s Day, honoring the mothers who cared for us, and showing gratitude for those who care for our mothers. 

To showcase how much care workers have contributed to the health, well-being, and happiness of our mothers — and the great work and celebrations happening across aging services —  we’re hoping you will continue to share your videos and photos with us, along with stories we might use for national media pitching. Please send these to communications@leadingage.org.

LeadingAge Mother’s Day Campaign

May 9, 2021

Our Mother’s Day toolkit below includes customizable templates designed to highlight the work you and your staff are doing every day to support and bring joy to moms in your care, and the deep bonds that have been forged, especially over the last year. 

PR templates: We’ve created plug-and-play draft op-eds, media advisories, and phone scripts for reporter pitches that you can customize for use around Mother’s Day. We recommend filling in as many local details as possible about 1) efforts to help connect clients/residents with loved ones and 2) anecdotes or observations of how the last few months have strengthened connections between staff and clients/residents. Nursing homes, assisted living, and other residential providers will want, of course, to customize and adjust in accordance with current visitation status

Social Media Graphics:

Sample Social Media Posts:

  • This #MothersDay is more than an opportunity to honor our own mothers. It’s a celebration of the dedicated care workers who gave so much of themselves to keep our mothers healthy, comfortable, and personally connected when COVID kept us apart. Thank you!

  • We are grateful to the care workers who have served as surrogate family members to our moms over the past year — providing in-person connection and bringing joy and companionship during this difficult time. Thank you! #MothersDay

  • CELEBRATE! Thanks to a nationwide effort that prioritized COVID-19 vaccinations for older Americans, reunions have begun. For some families, #MothersDay 2021 will be the first chance to see each other in person for more than a year.

Additional Resources

Check out what some LeadingAge members are doing to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

This campaign is part of our ongoing effort to combat the deeply held public misperceptions of our field. Often rooted in ageism, these false beliefs are made possible because of an incomplete understanding about aging and aging services. Showcasing the rich and diverse life experiences happening within aging services is one way that we can tell a multi-dimensional story of our work.