Digital Transformation in Aging Services

Business ContextUse CasePotential Strategic Benefit
Accounts payableAutomatic processing of invoices in accounts payable processes.Better tracking of credit cycles and timely payments improves operating cash position.
Reconciliation and closingAutomating the repetitive process of closing. Bank statement processing can be done automatically, with internal validation completed by bots.Reduces time to close and improves accuracy of accounting processes.
BillingImproving the speed of submitting claims.Faster billing results in faster cash flow.
ReportingAutomating the compilation of reports from multiple data sources.Reduces time spent generating reports and improves the frequency of reporting.
CommunicationImproving organizational communication with trigger-based communication sent automatically to necessary stakeholders.Improves situational awareness and knowledge among workforce.
Contract managementAutomatic indexing and contextualizing organizational contracts.Improves management of contractual obligations and their requirements. Manages and ensures compliance with third parties.
Candidate recruitmentWeb crawling multiple candidate sources for applicable candidates and initiating contact.Fills positions and builds candidate pipeline.
OnboardingBot completing all tasks recruiters or hiring manager would have to manually do during the new hire process: sending surveys, booking interviews, processing offer letters, providing information, and more.Improves the speed and engagement between candidate and the recruiter. Reduces the candidate time to hire by reducing pain points, improving communication, and simplifying candidate requirements.
Employee onboarding and offboardingAutomating and securing the process of identity lifecycle management.Improves employee experience, enhances cybersecurity and compliance posture.
Tier 1 supportSmart bots servicing employees for general tasks and information.Empowers workforce and reduces workloads for IT support staff.
System testingBots automatically running and validating test cases across systems, as upgrades to Software as a Service (SaaS) systems often require testing for acceptance or adoption.Ensures operational integrity and reduces workloads for system owners.
Business ContextUse CasePotential Strategic Benefit
COVID-19/infectious disease managementReporting and submission of test data and results of staff and residents. Sending notifications and reconciling testing timeframes and vaccination boosters.Improves compliance and infection control around COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.
Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reportingCapturing Census data and caregiver journal data for submission to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.Improves accuracy and timeliness of data capture and compliance.
Discharge processAggregating all necessary information for resident discharge.Reduces the time staff spend gathering data for discharge. Improves data integrity.
Skilled nursing facility sub-acute referral managementAutomatically assessing referrals based on predefined criteria.Improves quality measures and increases referral pipeline with preferred cases.
Incident tracking and QAPI reportingStandardizing and streamlining information capture, automating approvals and reporting.Saves time, improves quality outcomes, and helps trend data.
Business ContextUse CasePotential Strategic Benefit
Resident onboardingImpacting resident applications, admission contracts, and decision-making through automationImproves customer experience; improves onboarding cycle and access to data.
Business ContextUse CasePotential Strategic Benefit
Physical RobotsUsing food-running robots to improve process for front-of-house services.Provides efficiency to front-of-house service staff and culinary operations.
Online EngagementProviding an online portal for residents/guests to create dining reservations and order food online.Alleviates staff time managing reservations, drives capacity restrictions, and automates order entry.
Physical RobotsUsing robots that can prepare food for back-of-house operations.Provides efficiency to back-of-house service staff and culinary operations. Provides self-service options to residents and staff.
Business ContextUse CasePotential Strategic Benefit
Sanitation and cleaningScheduling robotics to automatically clean and disinfect areas.Improves infection control outcomes. Reduces workforce.
Physical facility securityUsing security robots and AI powered sensors/cameras.Reduces workforce and improves security outcomes through intelligent monitoring.
Predictive maintenanceUtilizing Internet of Things (IOT), robotics, sensors, and more to get wide view of a community’s data.Preserves capital investments, improves life of service of industrial equipment, and improves the utilization of a community’s resources.
Business ContextUse CasePotential Strategic Benefit
Depositor self-serviceUsing a self-service portal to automate the collection of information from future residents.Provides efficiency to marketing/move-in staff from chasing down future residents’ information.
Resident background verificationAutomating federal offense verification and financial verifications by deploying bots.Improves customer experience and shortens onboarding cycle.
Physical robotsEmploying physical robots that can virtually round on campus.Automates physical space surveillance, and feeds data to security staff.
Digital Transformation Lead– Blend of tech and business background who can interface with leaders internally and with partners.
– Ensures sound technical solutions and the achievement of business objectives.
Change Champion– Connects with employees at all levels to advocate for transformation.
– Markets and sells digital capabilities both internally and externally.
– Effectively responds to change and guides others how to do so.
Technical Engineer– Has a thorough awareness of the entire technology stack available today and can also envision what it should look like in the future.
– Good understanding of various technology architectures and integration patterns to leverage existing capabilities.
Business Expert– The subject matter expert on the particular function or process being transformed.
– Voice of the business, works hand-in-hand with the technical engineer to make sure business requirements are satisfied.
– Owner of defining required capabilities; encourages experimentation and can quickly make decisions on what works and what does not.
Data Architect– Outlines the different use cases for data collection and guides how analytics projects will be implemented across the organization.
– Connects data applications with top- and bottom-line business needs.
UX Professional– Ensures technology solutions are developed with the end-user in mind.
– Enables adoption by accounting for user experience.
Financial Analyst– Defines business case around digital transformation.
– Articulates hard and soft benefits and presents the accountability matrix for how these will be realized and tracked: the
Financial Value Framework to measure return on investment.
Critical Analyst– Defines success criteria.
– Provides constructive criticism.
– Ensures functionality.