External Messaging for Provider Members

LeadingAge has prepared communications guidance for speaking with residents, residents’ family members and friends, and team members about the importance of staying up-to-date on vaccines and boosters. Need suggestions on disseminating your message? See our tips for spreading the word. Would visual assets help get the word out? LeadingAge prepared social media and offline tools (flyer and poster) for your use.


Empathetic: We are all weary of COVID, and we want to get back to normal.

Defiant/resilient: We will take action to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID.


We weathered the worst of COVID, and to protect ourselves and those we love, we will continue to get vaccinated and boosted, so we can move beyond COVID.


We all are weary of COVID and ready to move past it.

  • COVID has caused disruption, suffering and heartache.
  • Each of us has made great sacrifices to get through the worst of the pandemic.
  • Since COVID has dragged on longer than we could have imagined, we wonder if we will ever get to “the end.”
  • Our COVID fatigue is understandable.
  • At this point in the pandemic, we aren’t powerless–or even on the defensive, hunkering down in isolation.
  • We have the tools to go on the offense and beat back COVID–and its variants.


Vaccines–and the boosters that protect us as the virus changes–are the pathway to move beyond COVID and return to normal.

  • The rapid availability of tested, safe vaccines was a game changer in the battle against COVID.
  • Vaccines and boosters–tested and safe–remain important tools in our toolkit to keep COVID in its place.
  • Want to move beyond COVID? Get vaccinated and remain up-to-date on boosters.
  • In our community, our residents’ wise choice to get vaccinated helped us limit the number of cases to only a handful in the winter of 2022. 
  • We want to remain aggressive in the protection of our beloved residents/clients and limit community spread of the virus.


Each of us getting the vaccine and now the bivalent booster is the best way to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community. 

  • Right now, the new COVID-19 bivalent vaccine is our best protection to prevent COVID-19 reinfections, hospitalizations, and death–as well as long COVID.
  • Vaccines remain essential to limit the spread of COVID and the severity of sickness, if someone develops COVID.
  • Vaccines and boosters also reduce the likelihood of spreading the disease and putting others’ health and lives at risk.


Vaccines and boosters are integral to the quality care we provide our residents. 

  • Every day we are 110% committed to keeping our residents safe and healthy. We can best do that when everyone is vaccinated and remains up to date with boosters.
  • Our devoted professionals do everything we can to stop the spread of COVID, just as we protect our residents from the flu, falls and other accidents. 


Your family is our family. 

  • Vaccination and boosters are beneficial for you and your family members.
  • They also protect our dedicated employees and their families.
  • We can all take care of each other by getting vaccinated and staying up-to-date on boosters.


Let’s all keep each other safe and move beyond COVID! Get your boosters!

  • Like hugs? Get your booster!