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Who can receive tests?

Any aging services provider, regardless of LeadingAge membership status, can access tests through the page on LeadingAge’s website.

What types of tests are being sent?

Point-of-care rapid tests are being distributed unless you have a GeneXpert machine that need Cepheid cartridges. Cepheid cartridges can be ordered here.  There is no ordering available for other types of testing machines. You can either order point-of-care rapid tests or Cepheid cartridges for GeneXpert machines. We do not have access to any GeneXpert machines.

Should I request tests by the box or per test?

Please request the total number of tests you need (e.g., 100), and not the number of boxes or pallets of tests. The number of tests that come in a box do not matter for the purposes of ordering through this process.

How many tests can I request?

You can request as many tests as you like (up to 90,000 tests per week) and it will be fulfilled as long as the stock remains. Please keep in mind how many tests you will use, how you will receive and store the tests, and that you can reorder when considering how many tests to order. You are not signing up for a recurring order; you have to order each time you want tests.

If I am a nursing home or assisted living provider, do these tests replace the tests I have been receiving from HHS already?

No. for nursing home and assisted living providers, this is an opportunity to request additional tests. You will continue to receive monthly shipments of tests in addition to what you choose to request through LeadingAge’s website.

Can I request a specific brand of test?

Yes.  Please let us know if you request a specific brand and we will do our best to fulfill that request through HHS. If you request a brand, that brand type will be fulfilled to the best of HHS’ ability. Otherwise a brand will be chosen for you.

Available Brands that you can choose from include:

What are the expiration dates on the tests?

The expiration dates will vary but HHS will normally send out in order of earliest expiration first. See the list of available tests above to see what the earliest expiration date is for each type of test.

How soon will you receive the tests?

LeadingAge will submit requests to HHS once per week on Thursdays. Orders will be processed within 1-2 business days. It takes about a week for tests to be shipped.

Will I receive a tracking number?

No, but if you do not receive your tests within 15 days from the Thursday of the week of your request, please contact LeadingAge. The primary carrier is FedEx, but your tests may come from another carrier.

Please contact if you have any additional questions.