The session most intriguing was the VA/Adult Day Services Partnering. The panel of presenters consisted of one VA staff and three Adult Day Services providers. The discussion revolved around the cumbersome process of contracting with the VA to serve veterans in the community. Daniel Schoeps, Director, Purchased Long Term Care, Department of Veterans Affairs discussed the current focus of VA which is to expand access to care for their members and finding and keeping quality providers. He shared that VA will publish the “Criteria for Adult Day Services” early calendar year 2019 streaming the process for community providers to contract with the VA. He further encouraged the providers that when they bill VA for services that they charge the value of that service not what VA will pay because the next year the fees are increased based on the charge of the providers’ services.

Issues with coding were also address, Daniel shared the common service codes for ADC include: 

  • TOB Code: 0343 (in most cases)

 Type of Care/HCPCS

  • ADC-Medical & social/hourly: 3101
  • ADC-Social/hourly: 3102
  • ADC-Medical & Social/Daily: 3103
  • ADC-Social/Daily:3104
  • ADC-Other/Daily: 3109


  • Day care services/Adult per 15 minutes: S5100
  • Day care services/ Adult per half day: S5101
  • Day care services/Adult per diem: s5102
  • Day care services/center based, not included in program fee/per diem: S5105.

LeadingAge will convene a conference call in the near future with the VA representatives and interested members to discuss the opportunities for partnership.