Message Frames

Prepare Your Communications So They Resonate

In our national research, LeadingAge identified message frames (themes) that resonate favorably with potential employees. The frames and message text that we tested are shared here. Craft your own message language or modify these, so your communications feel authentic and best resonate in your community.

A final note, the text below includes commonly used language about aging services. Please refer to the LeadingAge Language Guide for the recommended terms to use.

Working in aging services offers … 

…the chance to do Meaningful Work, Make a Difference 

You can make a difference in someone else’s life when you take a job providing care and services for older adults. Taking care of someone feels rewarding—it’s meaningful work.

…the gift of Forming Strong Bonds 

Professional caregivers often build a strong bond with the older adults they support. You can create relationships with the wise, witty and interesting seniors you work with day-to-day. It’s a career that loves you back.

…opportunities in a Wide Range of Jobs

A career in senior care is much more diverse than you may think. Whether you are a caregiver, a cook or a driver—you can apply your skills to support older adults. 

…a way to help Families Like Yours (Mine)

For generations, families have cared for their elders so they can live their best lives. When you take a job providing care or support for older adults, you’re helping families keep the people they love healthy, happy and safe. 

Flexibility & Benefits that support Your Life

Need a job that works for your busy life? Senior care companies offer part-time jobs with steady hours—so you can earn a paycheck and be where you need to be for your family. Many even offer transportation or childcare to make it just a little easier.

…the ability to Support Your Community

Just like your local businesses, schools and religious congregations, people who care for older adults are part of how a community stays strong. A job supporting older adults is a great way to help keep your community happy, healthy and moving forward.

…a Stepping Stone to advance

From today’s job as a caregiver, you can grow to be a certified nursing assistant, a licensed nurse practitioner and even a director. A job working to provide care and support to older adults is a job that keeps you advancing.


Americans live longer, healthier lives these days—so opportunity is on the rise in the growing field of supporting older adults. It’s a stable job you can count on.

…the chance to join an Organization that Cares  

Mission-driven companies that care for older adults value integrity, inclusion and collaboration above the bottom line. You can feel at home at a company that cares.