In a recent CAST case study, Broadmead, a LeadingAge Provider Member life plan community, wanted to protect its residents’ electronic protected health information (ePHI) and comply with the HIPAA Security Rule. 

First, this community in Cockeysville, MD, asked critical questions. Where do we start without in-house expertise? How do we leverage technology to aid in the effort? How can we afford the high cost associated with compliance? 

This month in FutureCAST, we explore steps for organizations that need help protecting health care information and complying with regulations, as well as the opportunities around strategic information technology (IT) planning and telehealth and remote monitoring technologies.
FutureCAST is a new CAST video series asking 24 health care executives where they think health care technology is headed and how CAST can play a role. These interviews were held at the 2017 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & EXPO. Each month, we’ll share two insightful interviews in Tech Time.


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