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OnShift delivers cloud-based human capital management software and proactive services to solve every day workforce challenges in healthcare. 

Our suite of products for hiring, scheduling and workforce analysis drives quality care, lower costs and higher performance by empowering providers to staff consistently and efficiently. Intuitive design, predictive analytics and customer success management are why thousands of post-acute care and senior living organizations rely on OnShift. 

For more information, visit OnShift’s website or their Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog.

Right People. Right Place. Right Time.

Staff consistently and efficiently with OnShift. See how our software saves time and money with an engaged workforce.


OnShift | Staff Scheduling Software for Senior Care Providers

New! The Executive Buyer’s Guide To Modern Time & Attendance Software

By Cari Rosenberger, Jun 17, 2021 10:15:59 AM

The events of the last year or so have shown us just how important technology is to the future of the senior care industry, especially as a growing number of people enter communities. In fact, in a Forbes article from earlier this year on trends in senior care technology, Kal Vapori stated: “Providing care to an aging population of this magnitude will require significant investments in the form of time, energy and money… I believe health tech services will eventually become as commonplace as a Netflix or Amazon Prime membership. “

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OnShift’s 2021 Big Book Of Perks For Senior Care COVID-19 has shown just how critical frontline staff members are to the success of your organization. Discover the top perks senior care providers are using to support employees during the pandemic. And, learn how these perks have evolved to address today’s challenges.

New OnShift Research Reveals 94% Increase in Willingness of Long-Term Care and Senior Living Employees to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine 

OnShift Survey Highlights Need for Increased Vaccine Supply and Further Staff Education to Meet Growing Demand

OnShift Expands Human Capital Management Platform With Next-Generation Time and Attendance Software

Modern, mobile, contactless solution eliminates the need for expensive timeclocks and provides added protection from COVID-19

A few years back, a theme we know all too well today reared its ugly head. I’m talking about employee turnover in senior care. To help, we worked with providers and industry experts to launch OnShift Engage, an end-to-end employee engagement platform featuring pulse satisfaction surveys, a rewards system and new hire tracking aimed at retaining direct-care workers.

And engage and retain workers, it did! OnShift Engage customers have seen up to a 33% reduction in turnover, increased staff satisfaction and implemented changes based on the feedback submitted by employees. We were thrilled to see results like this, but we knew there was more we could do.

Research shows that 40% of all turnover in LTC and senior living occurs within the first 90 days of employment. With new hire turnover among this population so high, we had to ask ourselves, what more could we do to help providers?

So, we did what we always do—we asked our customers for their input. As per usual, there was no shortage of feedback.

Click here to learn more about reducing new hire turnover or to schedule a demo!

Preventing Employee Burnout in Senior Care

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization declared employee burnout an occupational phenomenon, which doesn’t bode well for senior care, an industry that’s already struggling to attract and retain workers. Burned out employees are 63% more likely to take a sick day and are 2.6X as likely to be actively seeking a different job. Plus, employee burnout can impact their mental health, job satisfaction and the quality of resident care they provide.

We’ve developed a quick, two-page guide to help senior care providers understand the detrimental effects of employee burnout, how to spot the signs and, most importantly, how to prevent it.

Download the guide to get best practices for identifying and preventing employee burnout at your organization.

Singh Senior Living Sees Turnover Reduction Using OnShift – OnShift

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