Testing Toolkit

This toolkit has 13 sections focusing on testing policies, learning and leader’s guide, competencies, pre-and post-testing, outbreak investigation, swabbing collection, and billing. As tools are developed, states may adapt them, as appropriate, to reference state laws or regulations that may be relevant and will encourage you to do so as well.

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  1. General Information (updated 05/2021)
  2. Leader's Guide (updated 05/2021)
  3. Implementation Checklist (updated 05/2021)
  4. Antigen Testing Policy (updated 05/2021)
  5. Swab Collection (updated 05/2021)
  6. Billing for COVID-19 Tests (updated 05/2021)
  7. Competency Checklist (updated 05/2021)
  8. Training Plan (updated 05/2021)
  9. Post-Test (updated 05/2021)
  10. Post-Test Answer Key (updated 05/2021)
  11. Training (updated 05/2021)
  12. Outbreak Investigation Policy and Procedure (updated 05/2021)
  13. Outbreak Management Checklist (updated 05/2021)