Three Aims

Intended to bolster organizational health, strategic growth, and long-term sustainability, our governance resources have three aims:

  • Enhancing the CEO-Board Partnership

    Having a board that serves as a partner to leadership helps foster board and staff alignment and helps position and prepare organizations for the future.

  • Building an Aging Services Capable Board

    Having a board knowledgeable about the landscape in which LeadingAge members operate increases a board’s strategic orientation and competency.

  • Guiding Organizational Strategic Thinking

    Having the structures and practices in place that promote a future-focused board enables organizations to proactively respond to opportunities, changes, and challenges that arise.

CEO & Board Resources

Our self-guided, online format can be incorporated into strategy sessions with the full board or used for committee/task force meeting prep work. Access the 20+ resources all on the LeadingAge Learning Hub.


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