Veterans Affairs

Part of LeadingAge's 2020 Policy Priorities

LeadingAge Advocacy Goals

  • Ensure that veterans can access the aging services they needed, funded by VA.
  • Support VA initiatives and policies that will broaden access to VA-funded services, including those that expedite reimbursement to providers and reimburse higher rates compared to other programs.
  • Collaborate with LeadingAge members and VA staff to resolve payment issues and, where needed, identify policy solutions to address those.

The Issue

The VA is an important source of funding for aging services. Over recent years, VA expenditures for aging services have grown significantly. As VA grows as a payer for these services, there have been some problems on the provider side, including delayed payments, difficult coding/billing systems, and issues securing service authorizations. To solve these, VA is launching the Community Care Network initiative, which contracts out billing and provider contracting functions. It will be important to monitor the success of this initiative.

Source: CMS National Health Expenditure Data, 2017

Advocacy Action 2020

116th Congress

  • Support legislation, including appropriations, that enhances the availability of aging services for veterans.

Executive Branch

  • Community Care Networks: We will monitor implementation of the Community Care Networks.
  • VA Contracting and Payment Issues: We will provide LeadingAge members an audience with VA staff on key contracting and payment issues.
  • VA Rulemaking: We will respond to proposed federal rulemaking focused on VA.

Actions You Can Take Now

  • Let your representative and senators know you support legislation that enhances access to aging services for veterans.
  • Host a Coffee Chat with Congress in your community to help your members of Congress understand how policies impact services for veterans.
  • Mobilize with the Advocacy Champions toolkit and let your representatives and senators know you support more opportunities to create and sustain services for veterans.

Additional Resources

  • LeadingAge Analysis of VA CCN Rates for 2020 *forthcoming