October 04, 2022

9th Batch of Phase 4 PRF Payments Distributed to Providers

HRSA Sends 9th Batch of Phase 4 PRF Payments: HRSA distributed another round of Phase 4 payments totaling $892 million to 839 providers on Friday, Aug. 5. This leaves just 1% of applications for Phase 4 yet to be processed. All ARP Rural payments have now been distributed to eligible providers. To date, HRSA has distributed $15.4B of the $17B set aside for Phase 4. HRSA has said their goal is to complete all Phase 4 payment determinations by early August suggesting that one more round of payments may be distributed in the next week or so. Providers who are just now receiving PRF payments will have at least 45 days from payment receipt to request reconsideration, if they believe that the payment they received does not reflect the methodology for Phase 4 or the ARP rural payment.