December 02, 2021

ARP Rural Payments Distributed, Phase 4 to Begin Soon

BY Nicole Fallon

68% of the ARP rural payments went to acute care hospitals based upon the methodology for these payments compared to 11% to nursing homes. Payments were determined based upon analyzing Medicare and Medicaid claims data from January 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020 to determine the volume and type of services a provider delivered to rural beneficiaries. All providers who had at least one such claim received a minimum payment of $500 and the maximum amount distributed was $43 million to a health system in Kentucky. Four percent of applications are still being reviewed for eligibility for ARP Rural payments. HRSA will notify providers whether or not they qualify for the payments. Providers who were determined to be eligible for $100,000 or more will be required to establish an Optum Pay account if one was not previously set up in order to receive the payment. HRSA also noted it is in the process of developing the reporting requirements for these funds and additional resources will be made available in the future.

HRSA has published a list of all providers determined eligible for the ARP rural payments and the amounts, which can be found here. This list does not indicate whether a provider has attested to the payments, rejected and/or returned the ARP Rural payment and is being updated as remaining applications are approved. These payments must be retained by the eligible entity and not redistributed to other subsidiaries of an organization. Providers should have received an email and/or a paper letter that explains their aggregate payment and which subsidiaries, if applicable, received payments and the amounts.

Contact Nicole Fallon if you have questions or have not received a communication about these funds.