Conversations with Katie

What Matters Most?

I have been thinking a lot lately about what matters. What mattered in the past? What matters now? What will matter in the future? We only need to look at the history of LeadingAge for an answer to my first question. Our association was created 60 years ago as a […]

Is Trust in Nonprofits Eroding?

As providers of aging services, you think a great deal about the financial currency—reimbursements, contributions, earned income—that helps your organizations fulfill their missions and stay afloat. We at LeadingAge think a great deal about that, too. A new report from Independent Sector urges us to expand our thinking. “Public trust […]

We’re All in This Together

Every provider of aging services finds itself facing financial, workforce, and strategic challenges in our post-COVID world. These challenges may differ in scale from one organization to another, but no organization is immune.  We are all in this together. And that gives us a lot to talk about and a […]

The Transformative Power of Technology

Technology has transformed the field of aging services over the past few decades. And that transformation is far from over. Many of us welcome this transformation. We’re excited to imagine the unlimited ways technology could bolster our ability to deliver high-quality services and supports to a growing older population. At […]

LeadingAge and Its Members: A Dynamic Partnership

A dynamic partnership exists between LeadingAge, our state partners, and members around the country. Consider, for example, the ways in which we are each responding to our field’s workforce crisis: LeadingAge members are determined to tackle workforce challenges head-on in their local communities, where they know the players, the competition, […]