March 12, 2022

CAST Updates Data Analytics Selection Tool

BY LeadingAge

The LeadingAge CAST Data Analytics Selection Tool is now updated, with additional products and new case studies. The tool helps aging services providers learn about data analytics value, capabilities, and use cases; review available tech solutions; explore what other providers have done in this area; and choose the solution that best fits their organization’s needs.

New Products

The new version includes an updated product matrix and online selection tool with 12 products. Three new products are now included:

  • MatrixCare MyData / MyAnalytics by ResMed: MatrixCare offers a powerful, flexible suite of business intelligence tools for long-term care. Its analytics software integrates data from across the various financial, operational, and clinical modules to provide meaningful insights. MatrixCare is a LeadingAge Silver Partner with CAST Focus.


  • Caringale / A business unit of Value Momentum: Value Momentum helps democratize access to trusted data and enable better enterprise decision making. Caringale/ A business unit of Value Momentum is a LeadingAge Bronze Partner with CAST Focus.
  • NuAIg: Nuaig enables healthcare providers to deploy artificial intelligence across customer experience and back-office functions.

New Case Studies

Two new case studies show how other providers are using, and benefitting from, data analytics.


  • Driving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with Data Analytics: ALG Senior, LLC, which provides management services for a network of over 100 assisted and independent living communities, launched an enterprise data warehouse in 2020. Now, it has unified clinical, financial, and sales data from MatrixCare and MatrixCare Marketing, alongside data from numerous other systems. ALG Senior visualizes data and approaches analyses as storytellers. The tools synthesize data from multiple sources and provide targeted, precise calls-to-action for communities. 

    Outcomes include measurable improvements across KPIs, from Covid infection and vaccine tracking to collections to training completions. The insights produced incorporate ALG    Senior’s definition of success, decision support, and suggested actions, and community leaders respond accordingly.

    With its physician tools, prescriber rates for some targeted drugs, like antipsychotics and antibiotics, have decreased by over 20%. ALG Senior believes the Certified Provider Program is key to achieving value-based care, as it influences healthcare providers, improves residents’ outcomes, and reduces employees’ stress.


  • Increasing Insights and Operational Efficiencies, While Minimizing Risk Through Data Analytics: After years of manually pulling data from disparate sources, Cascadia Senior Living & Development sought an integrated software solution to improve insights, minimize risks, streamline operations, and save time.

    By adopting Yardi Senior IQ, a business intelligence solution designed for senior living providers, Cascadia now accesses comprehensive data at the click of a button. This means  Cascadia’s operations team can easily view move-ins, move-outs, average level of care, and average daily census, which translates to actionable information for their entire portfolio to drive smarter, faster decision making.

    This unified information source saves Cascadia time and helps to uncover crucial insights. Cascadia now has faster access to data, precise insights from a customized solution, minimized risks of manual processes, and streamlined operations. Yardi is a LeadingAge Bronze Partner with CAST Focus.