April 20, 2023

COVID Vaccine Protocol Updates

UPDATE: Drs. Robert Califf and Peter Mark briefly outlined key changes to COVID vaccination protocols in an April 20 webinar.

Experts with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) met on April 18 and authorized changes to COVID vaccine protocols. Monovalent vaccines are no longer authorized. A single bivalent vaccine has been authorized for primary series vaccination. Individuals 65 years and older and individuals who are immunocompromised have been authorized to receive a second bivalent booster, but individuals under age 65 and who are not immunocompromised are not authorized for additional bivalent boosters at this time.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) experts met on April 19 to review these authorizations and make accompanying recommendations. It is anticipated that recommendations will be consistent with FDA’s authorizations; however, we note that authorization and recommendation for second bivalent boosters does not mean that these are required to be considered up to date. We await more information from CDC. We also note that FDA and CDC intend to meet in June to further discuss the future of COVID vaccination, including the possibility of switching to an annual immunization schedule.

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