October 13, 2022

Oct. 21 Deadline to Claim PRF, Action Required Now

BY Nicole Fallon

Optum Pay accounts can be set up at the following link. Establishing an Optum Pay account is required for all payments that exceed $100,000 in order for the provider to receive payment. It should be noted that meeting the enrollment deadline means that providers cannot just submit the required documentation by this deadline but the enrollment must be COMPLETED prior to the October 21 deadline. Providers have encountered challenges when trying to set up these accounts in the past and therefore, providers should initiate this enrollment process now.

To set up an Optum Pay Account, providers should go to: https://myservices.optumhealthpaymentservices.com/beginEnrollment.do to begin the online enrollment process. Providers must use the TIN associated with their Phase 4 PRF application to enroll. This process will not involve credentialing or contracting with UnitedHealth Group. The information providers submit will only be used to administer PRF and ARP Rural payments. Providers will need the following required information:

  • Organization demographic information (name, phone number and email address)
  • Contact information for one or two individuals from the organization to support administration and oversight of the account, including editing bank account deposit information for any future payments
  • The organization’s banking information (routing number, account number and account type)
  • Clear, legible, and unaltered voided check and/or a bank letter signed and dated from a bank officer
  • Clear and legible IRS Form W-9 signed and dated within 1 year

The process to establish an Optum Pay Account can take up to 10 business days. However, HRSA notes that a provider will receive a confirmation once their enrollment is complete. These communications will come from Optum Pay and so providers should make sure such emails can get past any spam filters they may have in place and/or monitor their spam folders for these communications.  New users being added to a Tax Identification Number (TIN) will receive a User Registration email indicating that their TIN was enrolled. If a TIN is already enrolled and the user is enrolled, they will receive an email notifying them to log into the portal. If a member encounters any issues in setting up an account, please reach out to Nicole Fallon at LeadingAge.

HRSA noted that it has made repeated attempts to reach out to eligible providers and have them set up an Optum Pay Account. We know from past situations members have encountered, that It is possible that these emails are stuck in a spam folder or in some cases, HRSA has an email for a former employee of the organization. Once a provider is enrolled, it may take up to 2 additional weeks for the funds to arrive in their accounts.

Members who are still awaiting a determination about their Phase 4/ARP Rural PRF application should reach out to the Provider Support Line (866-569-3522) to check their status as only 1% of applications are still awaiting a final decision. We don’t want members to miss out on potential Provider Relief because of a communication issue.