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Reaching Diverse Communities

Through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded Vaccine Equity and Awareness Program (VEAP), LeadingAge partnered with multicultural marketing firm, ICF Next, to create a toolkit designed to help cultivate strategic partnerships within a community, implement outreach strategies, and develop communications that reach diverse communities.

for Guide

Need some help making the most of the guide? The LeadingAge Learning Hub offers members a free 12-minute QuickCast featuring our partner Crystal Burns from ICF Next, who outlines key steps to establishing partnerships with those who serve racially and ethnically diverse communities on public health issues with Developing Community-Based Partnerships.

CARE Fully Campaign

LeadingAge developed a full package communications that reach diverse communities. The creative toolkit includes messaging, social media, posters, and more—in English and Spanish versions. Use these resources to help bring awareness and continued support for vaccine uptake in your community.