Sample Job Descriptions

Now that you’ve seen How to Talk to Potential Employees with the top job attributes and message frames by job category, you’re ready to prepare your recruitment communications. Take a look at these sample job descriptions for ideas on how to pull all the Opening Doors to the Aging Services Workforce guidance together!

Sample Professional Caregiver posting

Few jobs offer the opportunity to make a difference in another person’s life every day. That’s exactly what the professional caregivers at ABC Woods do. Our dedicated caregivers build strong, loving bonds with the older adults they care for, and in return they receive genuine appreciation from residents and their families. We offer these indispensable team members a stable job, with a range of benefits, including affordable health care and paid time off. Apply today! 

Sample Culinary posting

Looking to apply your creativity and personality where it can make a meaningful difference to people every day? Join the ABC Woods’ culinary team. Our talented culinary staff use their skills in a wide range of jobs that let them build strong, personal connections with our appreciative residents. The icing on the cake: we offer a stable job, with the flexibility you need, as well as a benefits package including affordable health care. We’d love to talk to you!

Sample Housekeeping posting

Looking to feel good about your work at the end of the day? Jobs in housekeeping at ABC Woods offer a chance to make a positive difference in our residents’ daily lives. Through this meaningful work, our team members form strong, caring connections with our residents. We demonstrate our respect for our essential team members with benefits including affordable health care, paid time off, and a stable job. We’d love to tell you more!