Larry Minnix Leadership Academy

Larry Minnix Leadership Academy

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2023 program year. The application for the 2024 program year will be available in Spring 2023.

The Leadership Academy is designed to develop the leadership capacities and core competencies of aging services professionals by tapping into their natural talents and authentic leadership styles, irrespective of their professional experience, job title or type of position within an organization. 

Unlike many leadership programs that focus on building a core skillset for new leaders or are geared toward nurturing a specific career path for “emerging” leaders, the Leadership Academy provides a leadership foundation rooted in reflective practice—developing a deep understanding of one’s self, uncovering one’s unique leadership attributes, and learning how to stretch and leverage those capacities to have the most impact as leaders.

The year-long curriculum draws on adult learning theory to delve into the core principles of reflective leadership through a variety of components. The program emphasizes self-exploration and relationship-building to enable participants to embrace diversity of thought, move beyond pre-conceived assumptions and view their own experiences and those of others as learning opportunities.

Leadership Theory

Readings, group discussions and exercises throughout the year delve into the various ways (and contexts) in which the leadership theories are and can be applied to real-world settings within and outside of the aging services field.

Member Site Visits

Site visits expose Fellows to a variety of housing and service settings and the people (at all levels) responsible for creating unique environments and programming across the full range older adult services.

Leaders in Residence

Intimate conversations with a wide range of leaders in our field give Fellows insight into the different actions, personal beliefs, values and goals that shape individual leadership styles and approaches.

Study Circle

Through a variety of discussions and exercises, Fellows explore gaps in our field from many points of view, identify areas of common interest and generate ideas for action or areas for further exploration.

Action Learning

The action learning process encourages Fellows to move a project forward while at the same time reflecting on their Academy learnings, actions and the hands-on, practical experiences that enable leaders to more effectively navigate change.



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