October 25, 2022

PRF October Deadlines for Returning Funds and Late Reporting

BY Nicole Fallon

There are two key Provider Relief Fund (PRF) deadlines that providers should be aware of related to Reporting Period 3(RP3).

October 30 Deadline to Return Funds: Providers who submitted their RP3 reports and did not “spend” all of the PRF from this period, will need to return the amount listed on their Review and Submit summary page by Sunday, October 30.  Funds can be returned via ACH by completing an online form and transferring the funds via pay.gov, or providers can make a check payable to HRSA and mail it via the US Postal Service.  Providers should also ensure that if they maintained the relevant PRF dollars in an interest-bearing account, they must return not only the funds sent by HRSA but also the interest associated with those funds. If providers are unsure if they are required to return funds related to RP3, they can contact the Provider Support Line at 866-569-3522. Further details on returning funds can be found here.

October 28 Deadline to Request Late Reporting: Providers, who received PRF dollars between January 1 – June 30, 2021, were required to submit a RP3 report by September 30, 2022. Providers who missed this RP3 reporting deadline due to extenuating circumstances, have until Friday, Oct. 28 at 11:59 p.m. ET to submit a Late Reporting Request if one of the following circumstances applies:

  • Severe illness or death – a severe medical condition or death of a provider or key staff member responsible for reporting hindered the organization’s ability to complete the report during the Reporting Period.
  • Impacted by natural disaster – a natural disaster occurred during or in close proximity of the end of the Reporting Period damaging the organization’s records or information technology. This circumstance may be appropriate for providers who had to evacuate or were impacted by Hurricane Ian.
  • Lack of receipt of reporting communications – an incorrect email or mailing address on file with HRSA prevented your organization from receiving instructions prior to the Reporting Period deadline. Always make sure your organization’s contact info is up-to-date in the PRF portal.  Changes can be made to your contact information at any time by logging into the reporting portal with your username, Tax Identification Number (TIN), and password. If you make changes when a reporting period is not open and your report has been locked, your report will display under the Inactive tab. You are only able to view your inactive report with the option to update your contact information. Upon selecting the inactive report, you can update contact information by clicking the ‘Update Contact Information’ button. This will not change contact information in a previously submitted report but the updated contact information will be pre-populated in future reports.
  • Failure to click “Submit” – the organization registered and prepared a report in the PRF Reporting Portal but failed to take the final step to click “Submit” prior to deadline.
  • Internal miscommunication or error – internal miscommunication or error regarding the individual who was authorized and expected to submit the report on behalf of the organization and/or the registered point of contact in the PRF Reporting Portal.
  • Incomplete Targeted Distribution payments – the organization’s parent entity completed all General Distribution payments, but a Targeted Distribution(s) was not reported on by the subsidiary.

Late Reporting Requests can be submitted now through Friday, October 28 at 11:59 p.m.  If the request is approved, providers will submit their RP3 reports between November 14 and December 2. Providers who fail to submit a required PRF report are considered out of compliance with the terms and conditions of the PRF funds and as such, will be required to return all funds received during this period. Additional resources on submitting late reporting requests can be found here.