July 01, 2022

PRF Reporting Period 3 is Open, Informational Webinars Available

BY Nicole

HRSA will be hosting two “informational webcasts” on the reporting process from 3 – 4p.m. ET on July 12 – For New Reporting Entities and July 13 – Returning Reporting Entities.  Links to register are in the hyperlinks. 

HRSA has observed providers made the following errors when reporting in Reporting Period 2(RP2):

  • Not reviewing the summary page to see that they have unused funds.  The Report Summary Landing Page is the first page displayed after the user has read and accepted the PRF Reporting Portal Terms and Conditions. It includes the user’s active and inactive reports along with the report status, reporting period dates, payments received dates, and funds available until dates.  Note for RP3, provider expenses and lost revenues from January 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022 are eligible if they were to prepare, prevent or respond to coronavirus. Providers who reported in prior reporting periods may have lost revenues that could be carried forward and applied to PRF for RP3.
  • Entering interest in the wrong field. Providers who are unsure about where this information should be reported can check the Reporting Portal User’s Guide. 
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) registration errors.  HRSA also has a Reporting Portal Registration guide to answer these questions. First time reporters should check out this information. 
  • Subsidiary questions are incorrectly answered, resulting in payments not populating.  For providers from organizations with multiple subsidiaries and a parent organization, it will be important to discuss and determine which entities are reporting on which funds. This will allow the organization to answer these questions correctly while completing the initial portions of the report. How you answer these questions will determine which PRF funds — targeted and general distributions — appear pre-populated in your report.  Keep in mind, if you know you received PRF payments that do not appear on your summary page, you should contact the PRF Provider Support Line at 866-569-3522 to have this situation corrected. You are responsible to report on all funds received even if the reporting portal shows this information incorrectly. 

For additional reporting resources: