May 14, 2022

Robots in Nursing Homes: Pilots and Progress

BY LeadingAge

Research continues on the best ways to use robots in nursing homes and is addressing ethical as well as technological issues, says a recent article in the New York Times. An upcoming virtual LeadingAge CAST session can help you learn more about robots in long-term and post-acute (LTPAC) settings.

Computer science professor Dr. Arshia Khan, of the University of Minnesota Duluth, is now working with a $2 million grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services to pilot two robots in eight private nursing homes. One robot will offer residents health classes such as yoga and strength training, and the other will engage residents with jokes and games, says “Can Robots Save Nursing Homes?”

Dr. Khan’s team is also considering ethical issues of robots in senior living. Examples include access to resident data that robots gather, ethnic and gender bias stemming from robot voices and behaviors, and how robots will affect the amount of care a resident receives from a human being.

The article featured two LeadingAge members. LeadingAge member and CAST Patron Covenant Living introduced the Servi robot in its dining area in Cromwell, Conn. A resident told the New York Times that she enjoyed having a robot. LeadingAge member Knollwood Military Retirement Community worked with robot Stevie, as noted in Tech Time. Knollwood helped researchers understand the best uses of robots in senior living.

Virtual CAST Session on Physical Robotic Applications, June 8

To learn more about robots in LTPAC, be sure to attend “The Case for Physical Robotic Applications: LTPAC Use Cases & ROI,” a virtual session on Wednesday, June 8, at 2:15 p.m. The session is part of the virtual Collaborative Care Tech Summit 2022 hosted by LeadingAge and the LTPAC Health IT Collaborative. This year’s theme is Connecting and Strengthening Workforce. The full summit runs June 7 and 8.

The session offers the following:

  • Learn about robotics applications and use cases ready for primetime in the long-term and post-acute care sector.
  • Discuss how providers are using these robots to supplement, support, and enhance their workforce, drive efficiencies and accrue savings.
  • Explore implementation approaches that warrant acceptance of stakeholders and the lessons providers learned from deploying robots in their communities. 

Speakers are David Finkelstein, CIO, RiverSpring Living; James Michels, Vice President of Advancement, ADF; Joe Velderman, VP of Innovation, Cypress Living; and Justin Smith, Innovation and Technology Manager, Direct Supply. John Derr, Senior Strategy Consultant, LORAN Consulting Group will moderate.

Read more about this unique Summit, and be sure to register today!