Stay Alert to Cybersecurity this Holiday

Now is the time to remain vigilant on cybersecurity, with a holiday alert posted.  This month, we also share interesting research on barriers that LeadingAge affordable housing providers face in providing internet access, automated remote monitoring that reduced COVID deaths, and smartphone apps that are helping people who have dementia. Learn about an innovative hybrid model serving residents and staff, plus insight on how to bundle services.

Cybersecurity Remains Critical

Please keep cybersecurity as a top priority, in light of two ransomware attacks on Episcopal Retirement Services and a recent alert from BlueOrange Compliance, a LeadingAge Bronze Partner with CAST Focus. Be sure to read this special article with holiday alert info and CAST cybersecurity resources.

Internet in Affordable Housing

The most recent LeadingAge quarterly survey of affordable housing members clearly shows that these members do not have the resources to provide needed building-wide internet, citing the costs of installing, upgrading, and equipment as major barriers. 

At over 75% of affordable housing communities, residents privately pay for their own internet access. Only 23.02% of properties pay for internet in residents’ apartments, and only in another 13.49% of communities do providers offer services to residents at a reduced price. Resident well-being is the top reason that providers think internet access is important (85% of respondents), with 61% choosing telehealth access. Survey results also revealed that while vaccination rates are up, residents’ mental health is a key concern. 

LeadingAge CAST is working with the LeadingAge Policy Team on advocating for broadband in affordable housing. We are currently developing a guide to help members address the issue and will be releasing our Broadband in Affordable Housing Technology Guide in early 2022.

RPM Technology Reduces COVID Deaths 

Check out results of a recent study that found automated remote monitoring messages reduced COVID-19 deaths. Then access the CAST Telehealth and RPM Selection Tool to help you choose the best remote monitoring solutions for your organization.

New Hybrid Care Model Melds Connectedness and Staffing Help

Meet the JayPad tablets and apps connecting older adults and staff in an innovative hybrid partnership. HealthJay, a 2021 Associate Business Partner with CAST Focus, is a LeadingAge Member Solutions partner, one of many offering third-party discounts to LeadingAge members.

Smartphone Apps Can Aid Older Adults with Mild Dementia 

Check out intriguing new research that suggests smartphone technologies can serve as memory aids for older adults with mild dementia.

Benefits of Bundling Services

A recent interview with LeadingAge member Graceworks Lutheran Services provides insight on how to bundle internet and entertainment services—and gain acceptance from residents.

CAST Members in the News

Please join me in congratulating your colleagues who are in the news for acquisitions, alliances, awards, and funding. 

Contact Me

I would like to close by wishing you, your families, communities, staff, and residents, a Happy, and Healthy Holiday Season, and my Best Hopes for the New Year. As always, if you have news to share with CAST or if I can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Stay Alert to Cybersecurity this Holiday