July 26, 2022

Deadline for Late Reporting and Reissued PRF Opportunity July 29

BY Nicole

Providers who failed to submit a PRF report for Reporting Period 1(RP1) and returned the corresponding PRF payments to HRSA before HRSA announced a late reporting opportunity are eligible to request the ability to now submit the RP1 report and have HRSA reissue their payments from this period. This will impact only those providers who received PRF payments between April – June 2020. HRSA indicates all eligible providers have received a communication (in most cases via email) informing them of this opportunity. However, in the event, that this email was not received or missed, here is the relevant information: 

1. Providers who have not yet registered in the PRF Reporting Portal must first complete the registration process. 

2. Once registered, eligible providers must submit their Late Reporting Request via this form no later than Friday, July 29 at 11:59 p.m.ET

3. Approved providers will be notified by HRSA when they can submit their report via the PRF Reporting Portal for RP1 and will have 10 business days to complete the report. It is anticipated that report submissions will be permitted between August 22 and September 9, 2022 as part of this process. Given the short turnaround time to report, providers are encouraged to begin planning for this reporting while they await notification from HRSA. 

HRSA has put together a number of key resources to assist providers with reporting located on their “How to report” page including: the PRF Portal Registration User Guide, the PRF Reporting Portal User Guide that provides step-by-step instructions and information about each entry in the portal, a Frequently Asked Questions document, and Reporting Worksheets that can be used to collect the necessary data elements in advance of submitting them into the PRF Reporting Portal

Providers who believe they may be eligible for this special opportunity but who did not receive a notification from HRSA can contact the Provider Support Line (866-569-3522) to review their situation.