April 03, 2024

Life Plan Community Salary & Benefits Study – Deadline Extended

BY Josh Moore

LeadingAge Partner Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS) has extended their deadline for participation int the annual Life Plan Community/CCRC Salary & Benefits study – there’s still time for LeadingAge Members to participate!  Providers are asked to complete the study’s questionnaire by April 18, 2024 April 29, 2024. The CCRC Report will be published in June 2024.  A separate Nursing Home study is also underway with a deadline of May 13th. Both studies are published by HCS in cooperation with LeadingAge.

The Reports cover salaries, bonus data, and hourly rates for over 100 positions. Job data is reported regionally by profit type, unit size, and revenue, as well as by state and CBSA. The study also covers 19 fringe benefits, as well as questions on staffing metrics pertaining to retention/recruitment strategies, including shift differential pay, sign-on bonuses, turnover & vacancy rates, granted/budgeted percent increases, and trend data.

Last year’s CCRC Report contained data from 477 LPC/CCRCs.

To participate:

  1. Download the questionnaire at: https://www.hhcsinc.com/survey-questionnaires.html
  2. Email your completed questionnaire to Rich Cioffe.  Should you need additional time to participate, simply email HCS to request an extension.

There is no cost to participate in the studies. LeadingAge member participants may purchase the results at the special and discounted rate of $190 (prepaid), versus the $400 nonparticipant rate.

Questionnaires may be downloaded at the HCS website. For further information, please contact Rich Cioffe or (201) 405-0075, ext. 10.