New CAST Case Study: How Analytics Improves Resident Care

CAST | May 13, 2022 | by Donna Childress

Delve into the ways business intelligence can yield insights, efficiencies, and benefits to you and your residents.


A recent LeadingAge CAST case study shows how a business intelligence solution can give senior living leaders critical insights, increase efficiencies, and enhance resident care. “Increasing Insight and Resident Care, while Saving Time and Reducing Risk through Analytics” presents the outcomes that a Yardi® solution can provide. Yardi is a LeadingAge Bronze Partner with CAST Focus.
Abby Development, which owns and operates five senior living communities across Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, had been using a software system with limitations.
A fast-growing company, Abby Development frequently compiled data and ran reports. Yet it needed a solution that enabled a deeper level of analysis. Yardi Senior IQ offered a single connected solution to capture data (leasing percentage, lead conversions, various per resident per day or PRD metrics), provide real-time insights, eliminate errors, and save time.
A senior living business intelligence solution, Yardi Senior IQ enables Abby Development to access data in attractive, sharable dashboards. Drawing portfolio-wide information from Yardi’s Voyager Property Management platform, Senior IQ helps Abby Development act confidently and make informed decisions.
The Yardi solution gives Abby Development actionable information to drive its business forward. The comprehensive, integrated solution helps Abby Development gauge performance, empower its teams, and more. PRD metrics push efficiency and cost savings over time. Senior IQ aggregates multiple system reports, saving time in reviewing key metrics instead of running multiple reports to analyze.


Abby Development has experienced the following outcomes:
Comprehensive Insights: By adding Senior IQ to its portfolio, Abby Development now observes business-wide data and industry benchmarks.
Saved Time: Senior IQ helps Abby Development’s leaders save the time they previously spent sifting through spreadsheets and reports. With Yardi’s integrated tools, leaders get fast answers to tricky questions, allowing them to focus on resident satisfaction right away.

Minimized Risks: Senior IQ ensures each piece of information is error-free, eliminating redundancies and discrepancies for providers like Abby Development.
Enhanced Resident Care: Abby Development communities and executive directors now have access to real-time data. Precise insights, available on the go, give staff members the confidence to make smarter, faster decisions. This helps residents across communities receive the time, dedication, and quality of care they deserve.

Read the full case study.

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