Strategic Planning | Technology | Workplace Culture | February 10, 2022

New Direction for Data in 2022

BY LeadingAge

Now is the time to look at data differently, considering how it can extend the amount of time that older adults are healthy, says Lynne Katzmann, founder and CEO of Juniper Communities and a member of the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) Senior Living Hall of Fame. For 2022, she suggests that industry leaders focus on improving data collection, changing the quality and quantity of data.

Katzmann points to the importance of “a new trifecta—the collection of health care data, lifestyle related data, and genomics or DNA” in her Senior Housing News guest column, “Juniper CEO Katzmann: Opportunity, Challenge to Redesign Senior Living Is Front and Center in 2022.”

At Juniper, the new Catalyst program collects resident-specific lifestyle data to create a “lifestyle prescription” of activities and interventions that keep older adults healthier for longer. The goal is to improve residents’ health spans to match longer life spans, which includes efforts to help residents live more fulfilling lives.

On the business operational side, Katzmann recommends implementing middleware platforms in 2022 that streamline real-time data, communications, and analytics. Doing so will save time and improve management decision making, she wrote.

She also recommends that industry leaders prioritize sharing data, “creating a data lake or repository of extensive, normalized data and then applying machine learning to determine patterns.”

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  • Jim Dellapa, CIO, Parker Health Group, Inc.
  • Majd Alwan, SVP of Technology and Business Strategy/Executive Director, CAST, LeadingAge
  • Margie Pregent, Chief Clinical Officer, ArchCare
  • Sara Dettore, Assistant Vice President, Nursing Home Clinical Reimbursement, ArchCare

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