6 Ways to Increase Cybersecurity

CAST | July 18, 2022 | by Donna Childress

Organizations and residents can benefit from these tips.

Cyber fraud remains a top threat to senior living organizations and residents. A recent HealthTech article, “How Senior Care Organizations Can Secure Their Networks and Devices,” outlines six ways that organizations can provide security for the wide range of devices that residents own, as well as bolster organizational security.
1)       Identity management: Multi-factor authentication will restrict access to critical applications and devices. Password management tools, and organizational policies that restrict access quickly when employees move on.
2)      Anti-virus software and patches for residents' devices.
3)      Network segmentation, to control who has access to which parts of the network.
4)      Intrusion detection and network monitoring, to seamlessly prevent unauthorized network access.
5)      Tech concierge services, with a layer of device security education for residents on how to guard their privacy and avoid cyber fraud. See “Protect Your Residents from Rising Tech Support Scams” in this month’s Tech Time for more information on this approach and resources on starting a tech concierge program.
6)      Cybersecurity training for staff, to ensure that all employees know best practices for cybersecurity hygiene.

LeadingAge CAST Cybersecurity Resources

The LeadingAge CAST Cybersecurity Resources provide invaluable information on how to plug vulnerabilities in your organization. You will learn how to recognize threats, mitigate risk, and respond to an attack. The resource includes a white paper, case studies, and a benchmarking questionnaire.
If you are using voice technology, please check out “Opportunities, and Risks, with New Smart Voice Technology in Senior Living.” To learn how a life plan community managed HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity mitigation, see the CAST case study, “Managing HIPAA Compliance and Cyber Security Through Partnership” or review the summary.