On June 15, 2017, LeadingAge CAST released an updated Electronic Health Records (EHR) Selection Portfolio that includes a new case study. The case study demonstrates how a senior living provider implemented EHR technology and reaped the benefits, such as increased revenue, better quality of care, decreased turnover, and lower costs.
CAST’s EHR Selection Portfolio, first introduced in 2012, is designed to help long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) provider organizations identify and select the EHR system that best fits their needs. In addition to six years of provider case studies, the portfolio includes the following:

More Sophisticated EHRs Deployed

Last year, CAST introduced a 7-Stage EHR adoption model to gauge the sophistication of EHRs deployed in LTPAC. Now, EHR vendors perceive that more and more providers are deploying the more-advanced features and functionalities of their EHR. 
For example, while the 2016 weighted average for Stage 6 and Stage 7 adoption were 8.77% and 3.37%, respectively, in 2017 those numbers grew to 18.09% and 5.24%. Simultaneously, the percentages of basic information systems and basic EHRs in Stages 1 and Stage 2 dropped from 10.77% and 19.94% in 2016 to 6.25% and 14.10%  in 2017, respectively. These percentages underscore the effectiveness of CAST’s Adoption Model in raising awareness to advanced EHR functionalities and features, and in driving their adoption (see chart below).

“I am thrilled to see that percentage of EHRs deployed in Stages 6 and 7, the most advanced adoption stages, has more than doubled from about 11% in 2016 to about 23% in 2017,” said CAST Executive Director, Majd Alwan in a statement. “This indicates that CAST’s 7-Stage Adoption Model is achieving its goals of a) raising awareness of advanced EHR functionalities and features, and b) driving the adoption of more sophisticated EHRs.”

New Case Study

Leveraging EHR Platform to Improve Resident Assessment, Consistency, Care Quality and Increase Revenue in Assisted Living: This new case study shows how Welcov Assisted Living implemented Senior Living technology from LeadingAge Gold Partner with CAST Focus PointClickCare, gaining considerable financial and quality of care outcomes:

  • A revenue increase of 12% annually, representing $749,829 for Welcov’s Assisted Living division.
  • An improvement in forecasting service levels for the operations team, as service levels are now tied directly to each resident’s acuity.
  • No resident turnover as a result of the new pricing and service model.
  • Consistent and accurate documentation across all Welcov assisted living communities.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Anywhere, anytime access for all team members across Welcov’s Assisted Living division.
  • Better communication with residents and their families about changes in services delivered and billing.