Electronic Documentation Technologies

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medication Administration Records (e-MAR), Point of Care (PoC) technologies.

Electronic documentation technologies are mainly aimed at healthcare professionals and professional caregiver such as electronic health records, point of care, point of services systems, electronic prescribing, electronic medication administration records, electronic charting and electronic workflow and documentation system. 

Some electronic health records offer the individual and/ or an authorized family member with access to health information on a patient portal or a personal health record.

These technologies provide more accurate and timely documentation, reduce time spent on manual documentation, reduce errors, and improve efficiencies for providers. 

When health information is exchanged with other healthcare providers, these systems reduce unnecessary repeated procedures and improve care coordination, which reduce the cost of care to payers and improve the quality of care and health outcomes to seniors.

The ability of these systems to exchange information with other systems and providers, particularly acute care providers (like physicians and hospitals), is key to guarantee the completeness of information, the continuity of information and continuity of care for seniors who are known to have multiple chronic conditions and multiple providers, and tend to transition between different care settings.