Fall 2020 Advocacy With Congress

Grassroots | August 25, 2020 | by Joe Franco

Make your voice heard safely with lawmakers during COVID-19

Now is the time to meet with the people who represent you in Congress! Congress is considering the next major coronavirus relief package and also must fund the federal government for 2021. NOW is the time to make your voice heard! Congress is still negotiating key components of this relief bill but talks have stalled. Right next to that, the government must have a funding bill or a continuing resolution passed by September 30th.

Your story is the most powerful tool in our advocacy efforts. LeadingAge has developed a Conversations With Congress Fall Advocacy Guide to help you plan for either virtual or in-person visits with Congressional offices this fall. Be sure to tell your Senators and Representatives the struggles your organizations and communities have faced with COVID-19 and provide specific examples of what is happening in your daily operations. Tell them about your creative solutions, too!

Lawmakers frequently return home in the fall to attend to local business and meet with constituents. They want to hear how local events are helping or hurting constituents and they want to provide support where they can. They also want to demonstrate their effectiveness to voters as they campaign for the upcoming election. This gives a prime opportunity to advocate for our issues this fall.

If you’re wondering whether aging services providers can still connect with lawmakers during COVID-19, the answer is YES! Whether in person, through zoom meetings or facetime community tours, lawmakers want to hear from you more than ever.

Utilize our Conversations With Congress Fall Advocacy Guide to plan your fall advocacy activities. There has never been a more critical time for us to tell our stories and work with our elected leaders in Congress to enact policies and provide relief for providers of services for older adults.