Time to Enact Housing Credit Bills

Legislation | September 22, 2017 | by Linda Couch

As Congress begins to seriously consider tax reform, it needs to hear from constituents that the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) program must be protected, expanded, and strengthened.

Bills in the House and Senate would expand and strengthen Housing Credits. We must show significant support for the bills to have them included in any tax reform package. Co-sponsorship of the bills is a clear way to show Congressional support.

Urge Co-Sponsorship of House and Senate Housing Credit Bills

Call and urge your House and Senate members to co-sponsor H.R. 1661 and S. 548, respectively.

Steps for Making a Call

  1. Dial into this toll-free number: 877-413-2313.
  2. You will be prompted to enter your zip code to get connected to your lawmaker and leave a brief message urging co-sponsorship of H.R. 1661 / S. 548.
  3. After leaving your message, allow the staff person to hang up and the automated system will then connect you to your senators.

Call TODAY and urge your Representative and Senators to co-sponsor the Housing Credit bills: 877-413-2313

Fact sheet on the House's Housing Credit bill (HR 1661).

Fact sheet on the Senate's Housing Credit bill (S 548).

Thank you!