LeadingAge Magazine · July-August 2018 • Volume 08 • Number 04

The interesting thing about doing an issue devoted to technology is that it’s not possible to do an issue devoted to technology.

By that I mean that any discussion of technology ends up being just as much about the uses of it as it is about the hardware or software itself. For instance, this issue includes articles about integrated care, resident engagement, design, disaster planning and more.

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Gene Mitchell

Those articles are about technology first and foremost, but they are really examples of LeadingAge members doing their best to serve their residents and clients—in other words, keeping their eyes on the prize.

The technologies—always means, never ends—make it much easier to convert new ideas for serving older Americans into practical results. Technological development is always intertwined with mission.

The article I most enjoyed working on was our Vision column, “Cognitive Computing and the Social Determinants of Care.” It’s an interview with Judy Murphy, R.N., chief nursing officer at IBM Global Healthcare, who was a keynote speaker at the recent LTPAC-HIT Summit in Washington, DC.

Murphy is an engaging speaker and a great advocate for new ways of looking at population health. (Apparently “evidence-based care,” for instance, may soon be passé.) And, from her position at IBM she is privy to the latest thinking on how more data—especially more kinds of data—might give us dramatic new insights into health care.

Our first feature article looks at ACOs, bundled payment plans and other collaborative forms of care and services delivery, from the technology side. Read “The Technology of Integrated Services” for details, and don’t miss the embedded podcast, plus the sidebar on LeadingAge’s approach to the issues involved.

Design for Technology: How Innovation Is Shaping the World of Senior Living” looks at how sophisticated design, green building practices and technology are helping providers take serving people to a new level.

In this golden age of communication technology, members have many tools to connect people and fight isolation for their residents and clients. Read “Technology for Community” to learn more.

The 2018 Long-Term & Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) Health IT Summit, held just last month in Washington, DC, was the most comprehensive yet, and it was LeadingAge’s first year as convener. Higher attendance reflected the growing centrality of health information technology in everything providers do (not to mention the growing number of chief information officers among our members), and featured expert presenters from more sectors than ever. In “Talking Technology: LTPAC Health IT Summit Highlights Promising Trends,” CAST Executive Director Majd Alwan explains his main takeaways from the conference.

Technology That Residents Want and Communities Need” is a member-written piece about a life plan community that is incorporating new technologies into its new homes for residents.

Earlier this year, while working on an article recounting how providers survived natural disasters, I was struck by comments from several members who vowed to upgrade their communications capability after living through hurricanes or floods; the simple act of keeping everyone informed wasn’t always so simple. Read “When Seconds Count: Technology Improves Emergency Communications” for a look at why keeping everyone in contact should never again be a problem for us.

Building an Inclusive Culture for LGBT Elders” is a great member-written piece on how a life plan community is making itself a welcoming destination for LGBT elders. This article also includes a podcast, the latest in LeadingAge’s “Aging Unmasked” series.

Finally, “Refugees, Artists and Entertainers: These are the People We Serve” is the next installment in our series in which our members brag on their residents, clients and staff. Keep the stories coming!

Gene Mitchell is editor of LeadingAge magazine.