2018 CLA Senior Living Trends White Paper Finds Opportunities in Disruptors

Members | June 05, 2018 | by Mario Mckenzie, Cathy Schweiger

Disruption is the buzzword used when existing solutions can be disturbed by new, innovative solutions ― sometimes quickly and violently. An environment is primed for disruption when existing market participants are unable to view themselves in a way that is distinct from their current industry.

These service providers view their position in the marketplace and the needs for their services as static and dependable and, as a result, underestimate the potential for disruption from those seeking to displace them. In response to this risk of disruption, we are asking senior living organizations this simple question: What business are you really in?

We see tremendous potential for disruption within the current senior living environment. Our hope is that the 2018 CLA Senior Living Trends will challenge the thinking of providers and their boards as they attempt to position their organizations for success in the future.

Senior living trends

The whitepaper describes trends in senior living as well as the opportunities the trends present to providers. The following issues are most likely to have a powerful impact on the aging services industry.

  • Senior living options
  • Demographic growth
  • Aging in place
  • Workforce pressures
  • Health care reform
  • Big data and technology
  • Partnerships and affiliations

Download White Paper: 2018 CLA Senior Living Trends

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