Adult Day Services Legislation in the 114th Congress

Members | April 04, 2016 | by

The 114th U.S. Congress has considered legislation on improving access to Adult Day Services more than any other Congress. LeadingAge is proud of their member's advocacy work on adult day services, as well as the increasing important role of adult day services for the care of older adults and persons with disabilities. Members of Congress are seeing for themselves when they visit an adult day program and hear the stories of the participants and their caregivers. 

The list of legislation that improve access to adult day services:


  • Representative Lee Zeldin introduced H.R. 2460, which would ensure that 70% or more service connected disabled veterans are able to receive Adult Day Health Care at no cost to the veteran and their family by defining the program as a reimbursable treatment option through the VA. This would expand this great option of care for our veterans.This bill has strong bipartisan support in Congress, with over 45 cosponsors.  The text of the bill states that "the Secretary shall enter into an agreement under section 1720(c)(1) of this title or a contract with each State home for payment by the Secretary for adult day health care provided to a veteran who is eligible for, but does not receive, nursing home care pursuant to subsection (a).


  • Adult Day Achievement Act  HR263 The bill would provide grants to adult day programs providing life enhancing services like rehabilitation therapy and social supports to people with neurological conditions or diseases including MS. Adult day programs also help families by offering caregivers respite from caregiving duties. 



  • Medicare Adult Day Services Act HR 1383 introduced by Rep Linda Sanchez[CA-38]The bill has 15 cosponsors. The legislation amends title XVIII (Medicare) of the Social Security Act to: (1) cover certified adult day services furnished in a certified adult day services center 



  • H.R.4212  Community-Based Independence for Seniors Act of 2015 introduced by Rep Linda Sanchez[CA-38] (introduced 12/10/2015)      The bipartisan bill has 12 Cosponsors Related Bills: H.R.2704 / S704



  • LeadingAge is pleased that on February 25, 2016, the House Veterans Affairs Full Committee voted and approved H.R.4591 -- Department of Veterans Affairs Purchased Health Care Streamlining and Modernization Act to go to the full House of Representatives for a vote. The bill creates Veterans Care Agreements for small providers (gross annual revenue of the provider in the year preceding the year in which the provider enters into the Veterans Care Agreement does not exceed $11 million cap, with the exception of a $27 million cap for skilled nursing facilities, as amended), such as physician practices, adult day centers, small skilled nursing homes, and home health providers that would reduce the onerous requirements in Veterans Administration contracts that tend to discourage contractors from contracting with the VA. There is a similar Senate bill (S2000) that creates provider agreements that only covers extended care providers, the House bill covers physician practices. The bill did not include a cap that limited the use of provider agreements to small providers. 



  • Sen. Jon Tester D-MT introduced S.2633, a bill to improve the ability of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to provide health care to veterans through non-Department health care providers, and for other purposes. The bill was referred to the Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Sec. 1703B of the legislation establishes Veterans Care Agreements. These Agreements to furnish care would be enacted if it is not feasible to furnish hospital care, medical services, or extended care at facilities of the Department of veterans Affairs or under contracts. The VA may furnish such care and services by entering into agreements under this section with eligible providers that are certified under subsection( c )