According to the leaked documents, HUD is contemplating asking Congress for a $42 million cut to the Section 202 program, whose renewal funding need in fiscal year 2017 is $412 million. Funding for Service Coordinator renewals and Senior Preservation Rental Assistance Contracts comprise the rest of the $505 million Section 202 account.

LeadingAge is enthusiastic about the future implementation of RAD for PRAC authority which will allow certain Section 202 PRAC senior housing providers a way to bring private financing to preserve their communities and pursue expansion of enriched affordable living opportunities for seniors by converting their PRAC subsidy to Section 8.

President Trump's request, which Congress will consider as it sees fit, asks for a $9.6 billion, or 16.4%, cut to HUD compared to the FY19 HUD funding.

The request would cut funding for the Section 202 account by $34 million, or 5%, from the FY19-enacted level of $678 million.

What the Administration released on March 11were its “top line” requests. The Administration will release the full details of its FY20 request during the week of March 18. In these forthcoming details, we will learn much more about the request and how it would impact older adult households.

For HUD, the bill provides $51 million for new housing under HUD’s Section 202 Housing for the Elderly program, full funding needed to renew existing rental assistance contracts, including for Section 202 Project Rental Assistance Contracts and Project-Based Rental Assistance, funds to renew Service Coordinators, and $10 million for a new HUD program to assist older adults with the modification of their homes.

In February, HUD issued a RADBlast quoting Tom Davis, Director of the Office of Recapitalization in the Office of Multifamily Housing Programs, stating, “This is the first legacy HUD assisted housing program we have fully wound down through RAD, converting a decades old program to the modern and cost-efficient Section 8 platform while still preserving assistance for low-income families.


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